TEA is the text text editor for UNIX-like systems and Windows. With an ultimate small size TEA provides you hundreds of functions.
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Downloads (source and packages)

Release Distro Download Maintainer
TEA 26.0.1 source any download, 178 kbytes
Peter Semiletov
TEA 26.0.1 ELF binary (Qt 4.5.2 + libAspell) any modern distro download, 361 kbytes
Peter Semiletov
TEA 26.0.1 Win32 installer Windows download, 5.6 mbytes
Peter Semiletov
TEA-GTK 17.6.6 source any download, 479 kbytes
Peter Semiletov
TEA 25.1.0 ALT Linux download Vitaly Lipatov
TEA 25.1.0 Ubuntu download ?
TEA 24.0.0 Arch Linux download bash
TEA 24.0.0 Open SUSE download
Detlef Reichelt
TEA 24.0.0 Frugalware Linux download Priyank M. Gosalia
TEA 23.0.0 Crux download Ivan Rodionov
TEA-GTK 17.6.6 Frugalware Linux download Priyank M. Gosalia
TEA-GTK 17.6.6 Vector Linux 5.9 download, and GtkSourceView 2 is here. Paul Marwick
TEA-GTK 17.6.3 Zenwalk Linux download ?
TEA-GTK 17.6.1 Fink download Michele Garoche
TEA-GTK 17.3.5 Slackware download Yanmarshus
TEA-GTK 17.6.1 Debian download Lior Kaplan, Marco Rodrigues
TEA-GTK 17.6.6 Fedora download Michael Krylov
TEA-GTK 17.0.0 Gentoo download Peter Weller
TEA-GTK 17.6.6 T2 download René Rebe

RPM's for Fedora is signed by Michael Krylov. Here is a Michael Krylov's GPG public key.

Other ports and packages

OpenBSD TEA port

OpenBSD TEA-GTK port

FreeBSD ports

TEA packages on RPMFind.net