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March 24 2013. TEA 35.0.0 is out. The last release at the SourceForge hosting. Thanks SourceForge for good times!

TEA site is moving to the new location (http://semiletov.org/tea) on my home-runned server. Old sites on SourceForge (TEA main site) and Google (Win32 Russian site) will be down soon, after the next TEA release.

So, what's new in 35.0.0? The useful changes.

The line endings (CR, CR/LF, LF) now works in a natural way. In the past, TEA saves line endings in the platform's default line ending (for example, CR/LF on Windows and LF on Linux). Now, TEA preserves the original line endings of the file. But you can set it manually via File - File actions.

The built-in file manager has been rewritten a lot. Inner changes are significant, but the behavior of UI is changed too. Now, to select files multiply via keyboard, use INSERT key instead of Sheift-Cursor. So the selection now acts exactly as in MC or Krusader.

Wiki editing mode now supports DokuWiki and MediaWiki instead of the odd "wikitext" mode.

More fixes to satisfy Qt5-compatibility. Et cetera.

February 05 2013. TEA 34.0.1 is out. 64-bit systems compatibility is gained again (yes, Qt cannot support size_t as the type of index values!), spellcheckers stuff fixed on qmake-level.

January 26 2013. TEA 34.0.0 is out. The major release. SLA format (Scribus) support was dropped. FB2 support has been improved - now FB2-books looks fine (better than before).
The "Functions - Text - Apply to each line" now has the extended functionality - you can use snippets as the parameter. Use @@snippetname to apply @@snippetname to the each selected line.
All spellchecker stuff has been fixed.
Syntax highlighting: speed-up of reading syntax hl rule files.
Win32-build: Hunspell support.

December 27 2012 - now I have the web radio with the music that I wrote.

December 24 2012. TEA 33.5.0 is out. Hi. Qt5 source compatibility is ok now. Qt 4.x still ok as usual, the Qt version is detected automatically on the qmake step.

December 20 2012. TEA 33.4.1 is out. Hello! This release fixes the crash related to Keyboard settings page, and another bug with that stuff. There is also the HTML5 template at the Functions has been added.

December 11 2012. TEA 33.4.0 is out.

Hi! This release features a basic "fuzzy search" mode, the simple R programming language syntax highlighting and some minor fixes. The behavior of "File - Save timestamped version" has been changed, now the formulae of the file name of the copy is different.
Was: date + time + filename + ext
Now: filename + date + time + ext

August 29 2012. TEA 33.3.0 is out.

Hello! This release fixes the image convertor code, and features the "--p" command line option key for the "portable" mode, which makes more simple to run TEA from the flash drive on any machine. See the Manual for the details. With the portable mode TEA can save its data (configs, crapbook, snippets etc) at the directory with TEA executable.

July 22 2012. TEA 33.2.0 is out.

This release fixes an old and annoying bug with Undo after the "Replace all" function. The built-in caclulator now supports braces in the expressions, i.e. ((2+2)*5)/6*(1+2)

April 28 2012. TEA 33.0.0 is out.

May 27 2012. TEA 33.1.0 is out.

Wikitext syntax hightlighting support via View - Highlighting menu and for ".wiki" file extenstion. The Markup - Mode menu also now has the "Wikitext" option.

April 28 2012. TEA 33.0.0 is out.

This release is a milestone. No new features (just some fixes), but! TEA source is now compatible with Qt5 alpha. So you can compile TEA with Qt 4.4+ or Qt 5 alpha without problems.

In the case if your Qt5 is compiled without printing support, configure TEA in the following way:

qmake USE_PRINTER=false

April 23 2012. TEA 32.0.2 is out. Some fixes and inner optimization. TEA starts a bit faster.

April 04 2012. Hello. This is unusual new update, but! There is a petition to Jimbo Wales. The petition against murderers group propaganda at Russian Wikipedia. Sign if you want to stop that.

March 11 2012. TEA 32.0.1 is out. There are some fixes with UI styles.

March 06 2012. TEA 32.0.0 is out.

This release has a lot of new fetaures. First of all, the moon calendar - as the mode of the usual built-in calendar. By the way, TODO tab is renamed to "Dates". The "Calendar" menu has new functions, please read the Manual. So the calendar now is the useful tool, not just the simple planner.

The storage files. Any opened file can be choosed as the "storage". Then you can copy to it directly via "Copy to storage file" menu item or the keyboard shortcut. Clipboard text capturing (system globally) to the storage file is optional.

UI and document tabs can be placed in any side of the main window. See "Tune - Common" options page.

ODT, other XML-based formats importer has been improved.

Basic Python syntax highlighting.

Major inner changes, code restructurization. Some portions of the code are Public Domain now, while others stay in GPL v3.

December 31 2011. TEA 31.2.0 is out.

"Replace all" and replace with tables functions now can handle selected files when you are in the file manager mode. Please read the manual for details. Open Document Text format (ODT) reader works more correct with a non-trivial markup.

December 28 2011. TEA 31.1.0 is out.

This release has no new features. Just fixes and improvemets. FB2 books reader now works fine with non-UTF-8 charsets. The editor widget rendering has been optimized. Built-in calculator inner bit depth is changed from the float type to double type. Some UI tweaks.

If you want to support TEA via donation, better give your support to the Ukrainian dog shelter Lyubas House - http://lyubas.ho.ua/. There are lot of dogs with disabilities, and they need help more than TEA.

September 19 2011. TEA 31.0.0 is out.

What's new? Not so much qt the visible world, but there are many under the hood. Inner changes, yes. Due to the future porting to Qt5. So, TEA says "bye" to QtScript and qtSvg modules. It means that TEA has no more built-in JavaScript interpretator and no SVG-icons. It means also that I rewrote the "evaluate" function (that was based on QtScript early), and now this function has a lesser functionality (no braces, no math functions except power and percent).

Profiles engine is now improved, fixed and works as you can expect. Use profiles! For example, you can make one for IDE and one to edit other texts. And then switch between profiles quickly via menu or shortcuts.

The syntax highligting is more elegant now.

The search engine is also improved. More natural.

August 7 2011 - TEA 30.1.0 is out.

What's new? Fm - Unpack ZIP to current directory. Yes, TEA gained the ability to unpack ZIP-files. Also you can choose the file names charset of the archive, and preview archive content without the actual unpacking.

Many inner cleanups and fixes. XML/HTML highlighting of entities fixed. C++ and C built-in templates were added. OS/2 compatibility has been improved. Etc, etc.

June 27 2011 - TEA 30.0.0 is out.

There are some highlights of current release. "Load user font" button at the Tune - Interface page. Yes, TEA can load fonts those are not installed system-wide. Read the Manual for the details.

Labels. Mark any part of the text as a label using "[?" and "?]" marks, for example: [? dogs ?]. The "dogs" here is a label name. All labels are available at Labels menu and directly on the toolbar. To navigate through the text, just select some label. Look at the Manual to find how it works exactly.

As usual, fixes, improvements, etc.

May 20 2011 - TEA 29.0.3 is out.

This release features Perl highligting and image viewer fixes. Also you can find as useful the new function, look at Markup - [X]HTML tools - Rename selected file. Just select file name at the HTML document (for example, at the "a href" tag), put the new name (without the full path) to the Famous Input Field, and then call "Rename selected file". The file at the disk and the file name at the tag will be renamed.

April 9 2011 - TEA 29.0.2 is out! Drag and drop now works fine and as expected.

April 7 2011 - TEA 29.0.1 is out! Fixes, fixes...

April 1 2011 - TEA 29.0.0 is out! After a years of silence (sic!), there is a fresh release. Behold, behold! What's new?

For Win32-build, there is a Aspell support. See the TEA manual for details.

For all platforms - major code cleanup, many fixes, optimizations, new color palettes (Old paper and Toiler paper), etc. Traditional file save/open dialogs are Qt-based again (to allow the modification those need by TEA).

Take a look at my new program, the sound editor EKO - http://eko.sourceforge.net.

December 24 2010 - TEA 28.1.4 is out! And again, it is a bug-fixes release. Some stuff were fixed at the File manager, etc. More OS/2-friendly GUI. Take a look at my new program, the sound editor EKO - http://eko.sourceforge.net.

October 15 2010 - TEA 28.1.3 is out! Nothing new except the exclusion of the screenshot-related stuff. It was too buggy.

September 21 2010 - TEA 28.1.2 is out! Some bugs were fixed, the OpenBSD source compatibility has been gained.

Currently I see that the TEA development is slowed down. TEA has too much features. Too much functions. I don't know what I can add else. I'm working now on another project, the audio editor EKO, it is at the very alpha state so I don't make it too public. It will be TEA in the world of audio editing (and shares the UI with TEA, heh heh heh). You can check it at http://eko.git.sourceforge.net/git/gitweb.cgi?p=eko/eko;a=tree. EKO is NOT USABLE NOW!

Anyway, TEA is not dead, it is my eternal child till my death and for the centuries.

July 29 2010 - TEA 28.1.1 is out! The bug with tabstops has been fixed, and manuals were updated. Stay tuned!

July 10 2010 - TEA 28.1.0 is out! This release features the French UI translation made by Gholafox. Also, as usual, some fixes and improvements - for example, on drag'n'drop files to TEA the charset from the file manager's charset list is used.

June 14 2010 - TEA 28.0.0 is out!

Hi! The summer comes with a new TEA. This release features a polished UI, more usable with netbooks and other small devices. Task-oriented menu keeps the space at minimum. The new main window tab, "todo" brings to you the built-in calendar/organizer with a new menu related - "Calendar".

The Functions menu has a new submenu - "Images" full of screen-capture tools. Yes, TEA now can do the screenshots.

The file manager UI was improved. The charset autodetection button is introduced. Some errors has been fixed, including the good old "search backwards" bug. Syntax hl module format is slightly modified. The new function "Edit - Comment selection" helps you to comment out any selected text depended on the current highlighting scheme.

All files placed at the TEA config directory (snippets, templates, etc.) now will be saved automatically on close.

Stay tuned!

April 11 2010 - TEA 27.1.0 is out. This release fixes some bugs and the manual. More good TEA for the masses.

March 31 2010 - TEA 27.0.2 is out. End-of-line settings have been added. See the Manual at the "File - File actions" section for details.

March 23 2010 - TEA 27.0.1 is out. That is, several bugs were found and fixed!

February 25 2010 - TEA 27.0.0 is out.

Here we are. What's new? Tune - Show line numbers. I think this option will make happy all people in the world. Yes, the "Show line numbers" is a really tough thing, use it everyday.

Another item of our exhibition is the "Search - Find in files" tool. It can search through the files recursively, with the selected character set. Read the manual for details!

View - Profiles. A new submenu that allows you to switch between the "view presets", or profiles. Profile holds some settings such as window size, position, line numbering settings, etc.

German UI translation - made by Tobias Quathamer.

All palettes are more eye-friendly now.

New scripting abilities. TEA has a new object - app - that is available from the QtScript/JavaScript. Using app.call_menuitem method you can call any menuitem by its name.

The "Fm" menu has new functions too. Meet the "Select by regexp", "Deselect by regexp" and "Count lines in selected files". Many old code has been rewritten, many bugs were fixed, and many new ideas came to my mind and TODO. So,

Stay tuned!

January 23 2010 - TEA 26.2.2 is out. Hi! XML/HTML and C/C++ syntax highlighting modules were improved. The Famous Input Field (FIF) now is the editable combobox instead of the line edit with autocompletion.

January 7 2010 - TEA 26.2.1 is available. Some syntax hl engine and palette engine fixes and improvements.

January 4 2010 - TEA 26.2.0 is available.

Hi! Many things were fixed, and a few were added. "Edit - Indent by first line" helps to indent all selected lines by the first one. "Fman - Images - Create web gallery" - a new tool for the quick web gallery creation. A new FIF autocompletion feature - just press a space key at the FIF and you'll see the drop-down list with the FIF history.

December 7 2009 - TEA 26.1.0 is available.

Hi. Meet a lot of syntax highlighting engine improvements and fixes. NASM, Bash script, and LilyPond highlighting modules were added.

Two new text filters are available from the "Functions - Filter" menu: "Remove before delimeter at each line" and "Remove after delimeter at each line".

How to use "Remove before delimeter at each line"? You need to put the delimeter into the FIF. For example, the delimeter is ")", and the selected text is:

1.) Nirvana
2.) Grajdanskaya Oborona
3.) The Cranberries

Apply the filter, and you'll get this:

Grajdanskaya Oborona
The Cranberries

So now you know how it works. Stay tuned.

October 26 2009 - TEA 26.0.1 is available. Misc. syntax highlighting engine fixes and changes.

October 1 2009 - TEA 26.0.0 is available.

How about Lua, Perl and Vala syntax highlighting support? Done.

Now TEA can be built with Hunspell spell checking engine. Aspell is still supported. Switch the engine with the "Tune - Functions - Spell checker engine". Read the README and the Manual for details.

Package maintainers now can use the PREFIX command to specify the installation path for the binary file:

qmake PREFIX=foo/bar
make install

Users will be probably happy with some new functions:

Search - Replace all in opened files
File - Edit bookmarks - Find obsolete paths
Functions - Remove from dictionary (for Hunspell)

As usual, many inner changes were done, some UI tweaks too. For example, the document tabs are movable now.

September 27 2009 - TEA 25.1.0 Ubuntu packages are available at this link.

August 9 2009 - TEA 25.1.0 is available. This release features an optional margin at the text editing area, some fixes and cursor behavior option (turn OFF the "Cursor center on scroll" option - can be buggy, but try). See the ChangeLog for details.

July 25 2009 - TEA 25.0.0 is available. This release features a better ODT support, and some inner improvements. The FIF (search text entry field) now can work with built-in file manager too. The "--charset=codepage" command line option is re-implemented.


TEA depends on Qt 4.4+ or Qt 5 and, optionally, on Aspell or Hunspell. The old branch, TEA-GTK depends on GTK+ 2.4 and GtkSourceView 2. Please use the current Qt-branch instead ;)

Supported text formats:

Name Read Write
Plain text x x
OpenDocument Text (ODT) x -
SWX (old OpenOffice.org format) x -
KWord KWD x -
AbiWord x -
DOCX x -
RTF x -
FB2 x -

TEA features are:

  • Small size
  • Built-in MC-like file manager
  • Spellchecker (using the aspell or/and Hunspell)
  • Tabbed layout engine
  • Syntax highlighting for C, C++, Bash script, BASIC, C#, D, Fortran, Java, LilyPond, Lout, Lua, NASM, NSIS, Pascal, Perl, PHP, PO (gettext), Python, Seed7, TeX/LaTeX, Vala, Verilog, XML, HTML, XHTML, Wikitext.
  • Multiply encodings support
  • In-text labels (markers) support
  • Code snippets and templates support
  • Scripts (Python, Perl, Ruby, Bash script)
  • Hotkeys customizations
  • "Open at cursor"-function for HTML-files and images
  • Misc HTML tools
  • Wikitext, Docbook, LaTeX, Lout editing support
  • Preview in external browsers
  • String-handling functions such as sorting, reverse, format killing, trimming, filtering, conversions etc.
  • Bookmarks
  • Morse code translator
  • Calendar/organizer
  • Drag'n'drop support (with text files and pictures)
  • Built-in image viewer (PNG, JPEG, GIF, WBMP, BMP, TIFF, TGA, etc.)
  • Built-in image converter and resizer
  • Built-in ZIP packer/unpacker with file names charset selector
  • RMS calculation for 16 bit PCM WAV's

Downloads (source and packages)

Release Distro Download Maintainer
TEA 35.0.0 source any get from mirror 1, 308 kbytes
get from mirror 2
Peter Semiletov
TEA 35.0.0 ELF 32-bit binary (Qt 4.8 + libAspell + libHunspell) some modern distros get from mirror 1, 528 kbytes
get from mirror 2
Peter Semiletov
TEA 35.0.0 Win32 installer (Qt 4.8, Apell, Hunspell included) Windows get from mirror 1, 5.8 mbytes
get from mirror 2
Peter Semiletov
TEA 26.1.0 Win32 installer - the LAST Win98-compatible TEA release Windows download, 6 mbytes
Peter Semiletov
TEA-GTK 17.6.6 source any download, 479 kbytes
Peter Semiletov
TEA 33.5.0 OS/2 download (you need also Qt 4 libraries and libc064.dll.) Elbert Pol
TEA 33.1.0 Fedora download Vasiliy N. Glazov
TEA 33.1.0 Debian download Tobias Quathamer
TEA 33.1.0 ALT Linux download Vitaly Lipatov
TEA 33.2.0 Arch Linux download 32 bit
download 64 bit
TEA 31.0.0 Open SUSE download
Detlef Reichelt
TEA 33.0.0 Frugalware Linux download Priyank M. Gosalia
TEA 23.0.0 Crux download Ivan Rodionov
TEA-GTK 17.6.6 Frugalware Linux download Priyank M. Gosalia
TEA-GTK 17.6.6 Vector Linux 5.9 download, and GtkSourceView 2 is here. Paul Marwick
TEA-GTK 17.6.3 Zenwalk Linux download ?
TEA-GTK 17.6.1 Fink download Michele Garoche
TEA-GTK 17.3.5 Slackware download Yanmarshus
TEA-GTK 17.6.1 Fedora download Michael Krylov
TEA-GTK 17.0.0 Gentoo download Peter Weller
TEA-GTK 17.6.6 T2 download René Rebe

Other ports and packages

OpenBSD TEA port

OpenBSD TEA-GTK port

FreeBSD ports

TEA packages on RPMFind.net

Press about TEA

http://www.linuxinsider.com/rsstory/74677.html by Jack M. Germain (LinuxInsider 03/21/12)

The Qt-based Tea Text Editor: Managing Image and Text Files in One Application by Gary Richmond (FSM 2012-07-27)


If you want to donate some money, better do that for the home-run dog shelter Lyubas's House. There is the information about a shelter, and the button for donate via PayPal. Please specify "For Lyubas's House" in the comments of donation, because there are other projects uses that PayPal account.


Name: Peter Semiletov
Nick: Roxton
e-mail: peter.semiletov AT! gmail.com
Fidonet: 2:5020/1519.79
homesite: semiletov.org
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